Lennox and Addington County

I've been eyeing new spots to explore and found myself driving in Lennox and Addington County recently.  I stayed mostly on the back roads and turned here and there with reckless abandon (not really, but it sounds exciting).


"Alice, do you know why the chicken crossed the road?" "I do Roxanne, to GET AWAY from YOU!"

Chickens... always busy yucking it up!


Thank a farmer if you ate today.


Stephen Hayes said…
Your back road excursion provided good material for your camera.
Buttons said…
Beautiful and thanks Daniel. B
Buttons said…
Beautiful and thanks Daniel. B
Stephanie said…
This is what I have discovered to visit back roads to find some interesting spots to photograph. All fabulous shots, Daniel!
I like your reckless abandon.
And.. thank you farmers!
Lisa Gordon said…
It is so much fun to explore new places, especially those back roads. Wonderful finds, Daniel.

Have a great weekend!

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