Sunday, June 8, 2014

Blue Planet - Vol I

Blue Planet - Vol I from Daniel LaFrance on Vimeo.

Click Play and adjust your volume to hear the soundtrack.

This is a repost for those who haven't seen it and for those who enjoy seeing life beneath the surface.  As some of you may already know, I use to scuba dive and take my camera underwater in a housing with strobes to capture some of the magic.

Photo of myself with underwater camera gear; photo courtesy of Warren Lo

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Stephanie said...

Fabulous video. I learned something new about you. Re: scuba diving. It must have been fascinating to capture underwater critters and sealife.

Stephen Hayes said...

It's been a while since you posted your underwater videos. It was good seeing one again.

Michelle said...

This is wonderful to watch. Scuba diving is something I have not done...yet!