The Gathering

Cliff swallows build their nests using mud. It is not unusual to see cliff swallow nests on the underside of bridges and overpasses. They typically build their nests on vertical cliffs.

Cliff Swallow

Group gathering mud to build nest(s)

Beak full of mud

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Anonymous said…
Really enjoyed seeing the Cliff Swallows on the ground gathering mud. So interesting!
Tabor said…
Great capture. Next year I chase swallows!!
Tabor said…
Great capture. Next year I chase swallows!!
Stephen Hayes said…
Amazing that they know how to do this even though they have tiny brains.
Pamela Gordon said…
I've often seen the holes that swallows make in cliffs along the road or even the coastline. I thought a swallow was a swallow but I am finding out there are many varieties of them. You got some great pictures.
Great shots! Guess they don't like to get their feathers muddy!.
Hilary said…
Wow.. the things you find and capture so perfectly. I want to tag along!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful shots indeed!

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