Migration and Surprises

DOL-A-4075With migration underway, the movement of birds showing up is increasing. As I typically do, I use my vehicle as a blind. Here are my results.

Scarlet Tanager
Brown Thrasher

Myrtle Warbler

Cap May Warbler

Eastern Meadowlark

Rose-breasted Grosbeak


Hope you're all having a great day.


Michelle said…
Crisp, clear, and spectacular images.
Cloudia said…
Thrilling images. Thank you!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Robyn Goddard said…
Looks like birding fits you well. Lovely set of pictures. I like the variety and vibrant feather colors.
Betsy Brock said…
Gorgeous...and some birds I've never seen! That Thrasher is really handsome! I picked up an old poem framed under glass about a Bobolink last year.
Stephanie said…
Very nice and crystal clear shots of the many types of birds you have in your images.
Stephen Hayes said…
It's getting harder and harder to pick out your best shots but the one of the Cap May Warbler is too beautiful to pass up commenting on.
Red said…
Super shots of some very striking birds.
S. Etole said…
Super sharp photos. I spotted a rose- breasted grosbeak here today.
Tabor said…
Great clarity and focus. I wish I could get that type of focus with my birds!!
Lisa Gordon said…
These are spectacular photographs, Daniel!
Andy said…
Wow. I'm seeing birds that I rarely see and some that I have never seen before.
Hilary said…
Terrific captures. I wouldn't have thought about using the car to hide. Good idea.

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