Meal Time

DOL-A-5345  DOL-A-5406

DOL-A-5441  DOL-A-5442

DOL-A-5484  DOL-A-5455

DOL-A-5458  DOL-A-5461

Hope you enjoyed meal time. ;-)


ADRIAN said…
Grand shots. The Humming bird is excellent.
Andy said…
You are lucky to have such a variety of birds to choose from.
Pamela Gordon said…
Nice shots. I also like your layout on the page.
Gillian Olson said…
Great series and variety of dinner guests.
Lisa Gordon said…
Wonderful shots, Daniel!
I just love that little squirrel.
Nice shots Daniel- I am laughing at how many squirrels I have seen today alongside of the pretty birds. They sure are a pesky bunch.
Stephen Hayes said…
These beautiful shots have made me hungry. I think I'll go have lunch. I hope you're having a great week.
Roban said…
Great images.... Catching humming birds in flight is tricky business (for me), but you seem to do just fine.
Hilary said…
This collection was a feast for the eyes. Can't wait till dessert!

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