Signs of Spring



With Spring time upon us... lets hope the weather is gentler on all of us.


Anonymous said…
The deer have been out in the fields here too, so lovely to see.
Stephen Hayes said…
It has yet to arrive here in Portland.
Lisa Gordon said…
Amen to that!
Today was our first spring-like day.
Your deer are just beautiful.
Pamela Gordon said…
Great pictures of the deer and I see there isn't any snow on the ground in this spot. The deer are hiding around here lately. Maybe the snow is too deep. They are predicting that a lot of the deer population won't make it to summer this year because of the harsh winter and snow we've had. We got a foot of snow last night.
Red said…
It looks like you have more than spring with all your snow gone. I had deer in her a few nights ago and was amazed to see them walk on top of the snow. There is such a hard crust on the snow the deer just walk on top.
Stephanie said…
Hopefully your weather will start to improve soon.
Great captures..
Looks like she's playing
hard to get.
I love the Spring!
Hilary said…
We're still under a couple of feet of snow... but there were actually puddles on the lake, today... over two feet of ice, of course. ;)

Your deer look happy to greet the season.
Andy said…
I'm with you on this one Daniel. It's been a hard long winter.
Oh I am SO glad that winter is over! Great captures of the deer in the field.

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