Decorative Architecture


DOL-A-1838   DOL-A-1839

Decorative Soffit Brackets


When I first took a look at some of the architectural literature, I quickly realized this was no walk in the park.  What I found remarkable is there are modern homes still using decorative touches borrowed and reinvented to compliment the home.

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Lois Evensen said…
How beautiful. I love to take pictures of architecture, too, as we travel to various countries. Even small embellishments make a dramatic change to very plain buildings.
Stephen Hayes said…
I think it was the architect Le Corbusier who said, "God is in the details." So true.
Liz said…
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Pamela Gordon said…
I love this old type of architecture and there is a lot of it in the old homes in downtown Fredericton. I think builders added much more adornment in the old days.
I like to see these types of beautiful additions- very elaborate, and often overlooked.
Red said…
We have very little for house ornaments here. We just have humungous garish houses.
Lisa Gordon said…
How beautiful these are, Daniel.
The amount of detail in them is just amazing.

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