A Barn Revealed












This barn was once busy and full of life.  It provided a livelihood to at least one family.

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Red said…
This is a nice way to show an old barn. They look very interesting form the outside but we forget about the inside.
Hilary said…
Some great perspectives on the inside of that beauty. I love the bottle lineup. And the light fixture.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel you have brought that beautiful barn to life in your amazing photos. It is always sad to see them empty. Great shots. Hug B
Michelle said…
You have really captured the essence of this barn.
Pamela Gordon said…
This is a beautiful old barn. I've been in a lot of barns when I was younger and these pictures brought me right back. This barn looks so bright and clean though. I love the smell in barns - hay, cows, manure. Great photos!
Stephanie said…
I enjoyed viewing these gorgeous images immensely. Love the red barn shot at the start.
Kaya said…
You found a real treasure! A beautiful and very charming old barn!
Robyn Goddard said…
What a sight! This barn is huge. It looks like part of it used to be used for milking cows.

Glad to see the roof and sides are tinned.
Lisa Gordon said…
What a beauty, Daniel, and it looks like it is in very good shape. I just love the photograph of the bottles. So nice!

Have a great weekend!
Stephen Hayes said…
Pictures #4 and #5 r4emind me of Andrew Wyeth paintings. Wonderful light and textures.
Wow that old barn still has TONS of life left in it..someone should put it to good use. Thanks for the inside tour- and the view up the silo- that's something I haven't seen before.
Jodiebodie said…
Charming images, Dan. Do barns like these continue into disrepair or is there a trend to restore them to their former glory?
Anne Payne said…
Fantastic tour of this lovely old barn! Thanks for sharing.
Amy Burzese said…
A wonderful structure. Love the red. Thanks for sharing all the details with us.
A barn that leads me here! I love the red barn, but I attach and felt the beauty within! The rustic and old barn reminds me of home, which also an image of beautiful memories. This is one of the awesome images of the barn! Brilliant!

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