March Madness Mashup #1



Side street off Kingston Road, Toronto



Spring is around the corner... somewhere.

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Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful images! The geese look like a painting. The last photo looks very cold. Spring is definitely hiding at the moment.
Tabor said…
Great photography. With photos like that we can be more patient.
Stephen Hayes said…
That first photo is beautiful and amazing, although if I were painting this I'd reduce the negative space between the two birds, which is ndoubtedly possible with photoshop.
Stephanie said…
Gorgeous images, Daniel. I so enjoy viewing your photography. Just wanted you to know that. :-))
Lisa Gordon said…
I sure hope spring is around the corner.
I know it is date-wise, but really not sure weather-wise!

I just love the seagull, Daniel.
Red said…
I like the last photo with the drifting snow. When spring comes this year , it will happen in a hurry.
I hope Spring sometime soon finds you. In the meantime.. these winter mode images are beyond beautiful!
bettyl-NZ said…
The birds are so lovely, but I'm sure you're tired of the snow.
Hilary said…
Oh so pretty.. I love that last one. I've checked around all of my corners and just don't see it yet.
Love the mash up... Doesn't look like spring here.

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