Feather Air



May a significant and uplifting moment brighten your day.


Incredible, gorgeous, and just plain wow!
Red said…
And I swear the goose is looking right at you. These shots are great hopes for spring.
Wonderful photos! I love the details of the feathers.
Stephen Hayes said…
Wonderful images. These look like duck stamp paintings. Do they have those in Canada?
Gail Dixon said…
Gorgeous shots of the flying waterfowl. Love the colors in the first one and the feather detail in the second. Very nice!
Very nice captures,been visiting the migrants coming around me a lot
Anonymous said…
Wow - amazing and gorgeous.
Sandi McBride said…
Like taking a trip to heaven on the wings of birds. congratulations on Post of the Week
Bimbimbie said…
Oh blimey these are breathtaking - the first photo made me think of synchronised flyers*!*
Scott said…
Beautiful images, Daniel. They get the ultimate compliment . . . "Dang! I wish I had taken that."

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