Cleared for Take Off






Have yourselves a wonderful day!


Pamela Gordon said…
Absolutely beautiful photos! Have a nice week.
Stephen Hayes said…
Thanks for making it possible for me to feel airborne this morning.
Hilary said…
Beautiful.. I can practically hear the honking and flapping.
Stephanie said…
Lovely! I have been hearing them squacking over our house recently.
Great shots! I have a group that flies from my neighbor's pond over to mine every morning. I hear them but never seem to have my camera ready.
Linda W. said…
Very cool shots of birds in flight.
Red said…
I like the middle shot. when they come directly at you it's like an airplane approaching.
I haven't been able to capture any geese lately (other than our farmyard variety) -- these are great shots Daniel.
Michelle said…
Beautiful birds with that clear, blue backdrop!

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