The School Bus


I was walking home after a search for Snowy Owls (came up empty) and could hear a vehicle approaching from the west.  As it crested the knoll I instantly recognized it was a school bus. 

The school bus had the appearance that it was exiting a tunnel.  The weather was grey and gloomy and a slight rain was coming down which I thought created an interesting mood and look.


Wonderful picture, Daniel. I love it. Greetings from the Netherlands, Joke
ADRIAN said…
A grand shot and no mistake.
Andy said…
Nice shot. These guys have had lots of snow days this winter.
Linda said…
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Lisa Gordon said…
Ooooo, that looks like one icy road.
The elements really do create a wonderful mood, Daniel.
I second what Lisa said- that road looks way too icy!
Red said…
You can't beat the old country roads that follow the terrain up and down. I like the way you caught the bus just coming over the hill.
Tabor said…
Daniel, such a rich photo. It evokes such feeling, and of course, memories for those of us who had to board that bus on cold winter days.
Hilary said…
I quite like this photo. I can practically hear the sound of the approaching bus .. motor.. and tires along the wet road.
I love this surprise capture you got. Has such an dreaming looking except for the bus and lights. Never know what will present itself.

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