That's Juvenile

Juvenile Mute Swan



Another weather front was blowing wet snow with rain expected later in the evening... far from ideal weather conditions for photography.  More snow is expected on Wednesday.

Have yourselves a wonderful Sunday.


Pamela Gordon said…
So pretty. I like the mottled colouring. It's above freezing here this afternoon and cloudy. The snow is perfect for making a snowman. :)
Stephanie said…
No snow here but it colder than normal. Beautiful capture of the swan.
Stephen Hayes said…
Swans are so graceful, at least in the water. I wish we had some around here.
Red said…
It may not be ideal for photography but it looks great for Mr Swan.
Karen said…
These are really nice pics of the young swan!... and the snow is falling here now. *sigh*

Lisa Gordon said…
She is beautiful, Daniel.
We were supposed to have a major snowstorm today into tomorrow, but as of now, it's not snowing. They say another is coming this weekend. :-(

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