Snow Days

This winter has been a snowy one here in the County.  Folks who have lived here for quite some time have remarked it has been both colder and snowier.  Most weather forecasts have been way off when it comes to accumulation.  Recently we had a 5-day stretch where it snowed each day. Snow squalls, streamers and lake effect snow.

Shot through our patio door.


See the oncoming vehicle?


On some days, visibility was next to zilch... where sadly accidents occurred and police closed some roads to mitigate further problems.


Stephanie said…
Beautiful photos! I can imagine that you are anxious for spring to arrive sooner rather than later.
Gillian Olson said…
Looks terrible, no I didn't see the oncoming vehicle. Great pictures though,
Red said…
Okay! I get it! You've got lots of snow. Great snow photos.
Buttons said…
Oh it sure is pretty though:) I think we forget the winters of our childhood they were always like this, we forgot. Be safe keep warm. B
Lisa Gordon said…
We are so buried at this point!! :-)
But you know, it sure is pretty.
Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day, Daniel.

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