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Snowy Owl
Snowy owls are the largest North American owls, and they’re among the largest owls in the world.  They are 20” – 28” in length, with a wingspan of 54” – 66”, and weigh 3.25lb – 6.5lb.  Males are typically smaller than females.
Despite their name, most snowy owls are not pure snowy white.  They range from all white to black and white, with a pattern of dark, prominent bars—except on the face, which is always white.  Females typically have more dark markings than males.
The eyes of snowy owls, like those of all owls, are enormous in proportion to their heads.  Owls cannot move their eyes, so they must turn their entire heads, which they swivel a full 270° with the help of 14 neck vertebrae.  Snowy owls have deep yellow eyes.  A protruding upper eyelid acts as a shade from sunlight.
Source: audubon.org


A balmy -34 (with wind chill) for those of us who willing or not... embrace/accept winter.

Here's wishing you all a warm-er day.


Pamela Gordon said…
I've never seen one. Beautiful captures. It was -30 here this morning, no wind. brrrr.
Karen said…
They're beautiful, aren't they? For the first time that I am aware, they have landed on their migration route here along the shoreline... I have yet to see one in person locally.

Pam said…
I haven't popped by your blog in awhile, but I picked a good day to stop in again. That owl is so beautiful, thanks for the info about their markings I didn't know they weren't always all white.
EG CameraGirl said…
I love snowy owls. I was tempted to go looking for some today where I know they can sometimes be found...but it was just too cold. ;) Lovely shots!
Beth said…
The snowy owl is beautiful!! Great shot!
Zosia said…
Oh, she is so elegant!
Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy, fun and prosperous New Year.
Red said…
Minus 34 C and this guy is sitting right out in the open with no shelter. I guess if dinner runs by he's in a good position to make a catch. Nice photos.
Stephen Hayes said…
I'd love to spend time in the presence of one of these magnificent birds. Good thing I have your blog to bring me close.

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