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An update on my mother-in-law:  Linda arranged to have her come over for a visit.  Grandma's visit was approximately 1.5 weeks (transitional phase) when a spot opened up at one of our local nursing homes.

Timing, karma, prayers and being at the right place at the right time... we were blessed to have a bed become available so quickly (waiting lists can be lengthy).   Her diagnosis of Progressive Alzheimer's moved her near to the top of the list.  She has good and bad days and will be moved into their secure wing once a spot becomes available which is best, given her current state.
Thank you all for the well-wishes.

The first photo depicts the beginning and the journey of life through to its conclusion.  From the movie Forrest Gump this particular line strikes a cord.

"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Happy New Year!  May you be blessed with good health and a grand turnaround if you're struggling through health issues.  May happiness be your constant companion.

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Beth said…
I hope things go well for your mother in law Daniel and that the new year will be better for you all.
Anonymous said…
Hoping your mother in law settles into her new home. You were lucky with such a short wait for a bed.
I love the first photo of the trees arching over the roadway.
Stephen Hayes said…
That's a shame about your mother-in-law. A disease that robs one of precious memories is extremely cruel. I hope this nursing home works out well for everyone. Take care and wishing you a Happy New Year.
Chel said…
I am glad that you have found a home quickly and your mother in law can now be cared for. Such a cruel disease. I hope that the new year brings some happiness.
Lisa Gordon said…
I am sorry about your mother-in-law's diagnosis, Daniel.
Having lived through it with both my grandparents and my mom, I know what a difficult journey this is.

I wish you all the very best for the New Year.
Pamela Gordon said…
I'm just starting to follow your blog so didn't know about your mother-in-law. I'm sorry about her illness though and know what you are going through as we did with my mother and mother-in-law too. The ice storm was bad here and there are still several hundred customers without power. Going on 9 days!! Thankful we didn't lose power but sure feel badly for the thousands that did and for the workers trying to restore it.
Red said…
I wish all the best to all of you in this next journey. It's really sad to see a loved one go down that road.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel I think you know that we have had to deal with this Alzheimer's thing and all the decisions that come with it. Oh yes life is like a box of chocolates and you never know.
We found a wonderful place for my Mom and she has been there for four months now and I sleep well at night knowing she is truly safe but I understand what your family is going through. Take care it does get easier. There was guilt but I now have accepted it for what it is. The center of a chocolate I did not really want but will enjoy it regardless everyday. Enjoy it for what it is.She is safe your MIL and that is all that is important the rest will work out.My Mom today was laughing out loud. Yes it is better. HUG B
Lisa RedWillow said…
So sorry to hear of the Alzheimer's . It gets so many of our elderly.

Stunning photos . Happy New Year
Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, Daniel. I'm glad you were able to get her into a nursing home close to you.
The photo of the road through the tunnel of icy trees is gorgeous. I feel so bad for all the people that have lost power from that ice storm.
Val said…
HI Daniel, playing catch up again. Sorry to hear of your MIL, hope the new living situation works well for her. It's such a tough disease.
The first pic is beautiful, almost makes me miss NEbraska and the cold weather...I said Almost!!
Happy New Year my friend. Hugs to your little Molly too.
TexWisGirl said…
i am glad you have your MIL close by. bless you all.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about your MIL. That red barn photo is just stunning!

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