Polar Dip Anyone?

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

I like the cold, but... not that much!


Andy said…
I am seeing ice forming along the lake shore in places that I have seen it before. It's been a long time since we have had winter this cold and this long.
Michelle said…
No polar dip for me, thank you. I am fresh out of love for polar temperatures too! lol
Stephen Hayes said…
No polar dip for me. If my voice got any higher it could break glass.
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful. Cold. No dipping for me. I'd take lots of pictures though.
Looks so cold but still beautiful! I have not even been out taking pictures this winter it as been so cold.
Red said…
You've gotta like the cold so you can get the pictures with clouds and very blue skies.
Roban said…
Oh, that looks COLD! Beautiful, but cold!
Buttons said…
It sure looks pretty:) I grow tired of the polar word these days. Keep warm hug B

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