Overwintering Heron

I know we Canadians are considered a hearty lot by many.  This being especially true given our winter's cold and occasional frigid temperatures.

Late last Fall I noticed the beautiful flight of the Great Blue Heron with increasing frequency.  The daily fly-passes to and fro wherever watering hole it favoured.

Then I noticed it was now mid January and although I don't see the Heron nearly as often, I still do.  I wondered where it was coming/going from... until yesterday.  I found this crazy bird hunkered in the shallows of a pond that defies freezing temperatures.




I can't help but wonder if it will even survive this frigid winter.


Stephen Hayes said…
I sure hope it survives but it looks pretty darn cold. Nature can be such a harsh taskmaster.
Pamela Gordon said…
The poor thing. I don't know who it can stand with it's feet in the cold water! I hope it survives. You got some great photos.
Terri Buster said…
Oh the poor thing! It looks positively frozen!
Oh the poor thing looks so cold. His feet must be absolutely freezing in that cold water. I sure hope he survives.
Michelle said…
I have never seen a Heron in this condition. Wow!
Stephanie said…
The poor thing looks so cold. Hope it survives the winter.
I hope it survives. I'd probably start to feed it myself and put a blanket out to keep it's feet warm! Fantastic shots Daniel.
Hilary said…
Oh that's not good. I can't imagine him finding fish .. they're not in shallow water at this time of the year. I've seen great blues throughout much milder winters but never one like this one. Poor guy... he is not happy. :(

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