Ice Cold Open Water




  1. I have a sweet tooth and I'm a diabetic.
  2. Love being outdoors, but my fingers get cold easily...  $%^#%
  3. Appreciate honest, sincere, agenda-less type people.
  4. A hug is great to give and receive.
  5. I have a few posts about cold... frigid... bone chilling weather.

Happy Weekend to one and all.

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Stephen Hayes said…
Has the duck in that first picture raked up his hair to make a fashion statement or is this just a bad hair day? Ha!
Pamela Gordon said…
Wow, these are wonderful photos! I really love the two mallards.
Beth said…
I love the spiked hairdo in the first photo. Very nice!
Great photos, Daniel. I like the Merganser's hair-do.
Red said…
Well, that ice cold open water has some pretty attractive birds.
Tammy said…
That is a very pretty merganser!!! And all species are beautifully captured! I hope things have started to warm up a bit!
Nancy Claeys said…
So nice you joined us this week Daniel. I'm always amazed at finding open water when the temps are so cold.

Beautiful shots, as always. xo
Lisa Gordon said…
These are wonderful, Daniel.
I love the hairstyle the first one has. :-)
Michelle said…
I love the "hair-do" on the duck in that first shot!
Neabear said…
Love the when your fingers are it harder to take the photos? I would think so! Warmer days will be here before you know it.

EG CameraGirl said…
I know what you mean about liking to be outdoors but also having fingers that get cold quickly. Frustrating!!

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