Enduring Winter






We're expecting another round of snow this Saturday.  Yipeee!!!


Red said…
It doesn't look like you need any more snow. I like your barn and silo photo .
Andy said…
How come horses get blankets and the cows have to stand outside naked? :0
Tammy said…
I love all the wonderful sights in your area! Excellent photos, Daniel! The snow sure it pretty!
Stephen Hayes said…
Being a city boy I don't usually think about what winter in the country is like. Fascinating how some animals are designed to weather the snow.
Lisa Gordon said…
Enduring is the operative word here!
We're expecting the same, but for us it's tomorrow through Wednesday. I'm fine with the snow, but the cold has been brutal.

Have a great weekend, and stay safe and warm.
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful farm pictures! We have snow coming tomorrow night and again on Wednesday.
Jane's Gardens said…
Great rural scenes. I love the white cows.

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