Mute Swan




Pretty perfect... looking swans.


Stephen Hayes said…
A beautiful mute swan. Are there "chatterbox" swans?
Chel said…
If this wind and rain eases up I'll be popping along to our nature reserves at the weekend to make a visit to the swans along there. I do miss the elegant way they swim along the rivers.
They are just beautiful against the blue water!
Pamela Gordon said…
Such beautiful creatures. Very nice captures.
Lovely contrast in colors with the while and blue. How graceful they look.
Stephanie said…
Love the contrast between the blue water and the white of the swan. Splendid shots!
Red said…
Elegance is a great adjective for a swan but I also think of them as regal.
Liz said…
Gorgeous images, Daniel! I love the contrast of the white against the blue water.

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