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Recently seen taking refuge under a covered deck from the wind and snow squalls coming off Lake Ontario.

Have yourselves a great day... eh!

Enduring Winter

We're expecting another round of snow this Saturday.  Yipeee!!!

Molly and Abby


The Cats Meow

I don't recall ever being on a farm where there weren't farm cats.  What about you?

Shredded Wheat Now with Frosting

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.
Albert Einstein

Polar Dip Anyone?

I like the cold, but... not that much!

Winter Wind


Overwintering Heron

I know we Canadians are considered a hearty lot by many.  This being especially true given our winter's cold and occasional frigid temperatures.

Late last Fall I noticed the beautiful flight of the Great Blue Heron with increasing frequency.  The daily fly-passes to and fro wherever watering hole it favoured.

Then I noticed it was now mid January and although I don't see the Heron nearly as often, I still do.  I wondered where it was coming/going from... until yesterday.  I found this crazy bird hunkered in the shallows of a pond that defies freezing temperatures.

I can't help but wonder if it will even survive this frigid winter.

Ice Cold Open Water

I have a sweet tooth and I'm a diabetic.Love being outdoors, but my fingers get cold easily...  $%^#%Appreciate honest, sincere, agenda-less type people.A hug is great to give and receive.I have a few posts about cold... frigid... bone chilling weather.

Happy Weekend to one and all.

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Random 5 Friday



Great Grey Owl

Thanks to a fellow birder's tip (Murray Shields), I eventually located the Great Grey Owl (GGO) nearby. Another lifer for your's truly.

I feel so privileged to have witnessed this beautiful owl.  


Linda and I are proud to announce the arrival and newest member of our family... Abby.
A beautiful little sister for Molly.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Winter Cold Snap

Looking across the Lake Ontario towards New York State.  The ice pack extends quite a ways from shore.  I took this shot as far out on the pack ice that I felt comfortable walking and slip/sliding on.

Within Wellington Bay, you can see how the wind whips across the ice.  Midway in the photo and just left of centre are a number trumpeter and tundra swans.   They appear motionless and I fear many will/have succumb/ed to the harsh weather.
Stay warm my friends.


Pretty perfect... looking swans.


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Street Cleaner

As ugly as this may appear, Turkey Vultures serve a useful purpose.