Not Your Average Duck

Long-tailed Duck (female)

Goldeneye Ducks (couple)


Hilary said…
Great finds. The Goldeneyes are so cute and the Long-tailed is such a beauty.
Stephanie said…
I have never seen a long tailed duck, great shots!
Stephen Hayes said…
I don't know in what order you took the pictures you post on your blog, but lately it seems the photos you're posting have an extra quality to them, a heightened sense of composition and psychological impact.
Linda W. said…
Nice shots - especially your first one. Nice details - you can even see the drops of water on the duck's back.
Terri Buster said…
Great shots Daniel- love the reflections too.
Red said…
You've shown the gorgeous detail of these ducks.
Lisa Gordon said…
They are really beautiful creatures, Daniel.
I especially love the first one.
Beautiful colors.

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