Bench's View

Focal Length 29mm - Shutter Speed 1/200 - f/3.2 - ISO 200

IMAGINE just how much this bench has WITNESSED.

Have yourselves a wonderful day!


Linda W. said…
Nice shot of the sun rays streaming out from the clouds!
Stephen Hayes said…
I wonder how many high and low tides this bench has seem. When we were kids we called those rays of light emerging from the clouds "fingers of God."
Hilary said…
That's a beauty of a shot, Daniel. Perfectly captured.
Buttons said…
Oh yes I can it looks not cold there:) Great shot. B
Michelle said…
That bench has quite the view! Great picture!
Red said…
Just a plain old bench watching the world go by.
Wonderful photograph. Love the colors, and the view.
Lisa Gordon said…
So many stories here.
This is beautiful, Daniel.
Oh the people that have sat there and witnessed amazing sunset and more. What a beautiful scene you captured that day. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Anonymous said…
We have sat on that bench and watched the goings on by the water.
Jodiebodie said…
Spectacular and thought provoking. Love your take on it with the bench.
Une merveilleuse luminosité sur cette phot avec un panorama magnifique!!!

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