Black on White




Buttons said…
Oh Daniel these are truly wonderful and make me smile:) B
Stephen Hayes said…
I love both pictures but the composition in the first one is exceptional. I particularly like the empty background that forces you to concentrate on the image, and the shadow on the snow is wonderful.
Karen said…
I love it!

Dogs have a way of showing us how to live the simple joys.

Is this your dog? Looks similar in breeding to my rescued pup.. a believed cocker spaniel poodle mix.

Red said…
I'm sure you get lots of fun out of this little guy. I like the second photo with more texture in it.
Hilary said…
I love her little floppy ears.
Lovely pictures .. I wish you a happy 2014 .. Kisses from Spain.. :-)))
Stephanie said…
My heart melts at the sight of your adorable dog. Fabulous shot! Happy New Year!

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