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Black on White


Winter Water


Scenes of Winter

Trees encased in ice after two days of freezing rain can make for spectacular scenes.  However the weight of the ice also brings down trees and tree limbs.   This storm gave us two days without power.  Thankfully our wood stove kept our home warm.  Much of Southern Ontario through to the East Coast of Canada have been affected. 

Soon there will be another pup in our home.  We're all excited!

Swans and Christmas

May you enjoy the gift of a warm meal and companionship during the holidays.
Merry Christmas!
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Snowy Owls

Wonder of wonders... never seen a Snowy until recently and now I've seen 4 different Snowy's!

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Bench's View

IMAGINE just how much this bench has WITNESSED.

Have yourselves a wonderful day!

Help Molly Win Pooch of the Month

A big thank you to all who voted !  Molly finished second with 453 votes.  :-)

Post by Kawartha Country Kennel.
The contest runs till December 30.

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Many thanks !!!

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Snow White

As I was heading out to a doctor's appointment I spotted something different a top a utility pole.  I pulled my car over to the side of the road and looked into my rearview mirror.  No traffic... I slide the stick into R and luckily found s/he was still there.  I pointed my lens and made quick adjustments to my camera settings.

A first ever sighting... I was absolutely thrilled !

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Not Your Average Duck

Goldeneye Ducks (couple)

Skinny Marinky Minky Mink

This mink may look skinny, but I watched it go into the water and return to the thin patch of ice to dine on a small fish several times all within 15/20 minutes.  S/he's a great fish catcher!

Natural Beauty

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