Water Towers

Water towers are found worldwide.  In Canada, they're often found in rural communities.  Here are some water towers found in communities all within an hours drive from us.

DOL-1088-Wellington DOL-A2048-9411 PP-v1A-1446-Bloomfield
DOL-A-1011-Consecon DOL-A-1109-Quinte-West DOL-A2048-9364
DOL-Desoronto-2940 DOL-1520-Cobourg DOL-1487-Port-Hope

They are not creative, or decorative as some are.  Do you have a water tower in your area?

Have a wonderful day!

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Stephen Hayes said…
We have many water towers here in Portland and for many years a vandal would climb these at night and paint beautiful roses on them, Portland being the Rose City. People liked the roses so much the police never hunted for the artist.
Red said…
In Red Deer we have a water tower and it's referred to as the green onion.
Lmkazmierczak said…
Great idea♪ I'm wondering if I've passed by these myself...Have a wonder filled week! http://lauriekazmierczak.com/amazing-grace/
TexWisGirl said…
i like the belleville one. like a big ufo.
Linda W. said…
I grew up in South Dakota, where watertowers were a way of life. You could always spot the watertower long before you saw the town. Here is Oregon there's not many watertowers. We do have one on the east side of town with a rose painted on the side. Thanks for sharing your photos!
Andy said…
Until now I never realize that they came in so many different shapes.
What a great photographic theme and wonderful photography ~ thanks, carol, xxx
Allie said…
What a great way to observe your surroundings and capture a part of everyday life that we often forget about. Great post & pictures! Blessings!

Lisa Gordon said…
We don't have any water towers close by, Daniel, so it is a real treat to see some here.
Madge Bloom said…
Thank you for coming by to share on Rurality Blog Hop #41!
Buttons said…
Oh how did I miss this post Daniel? I love everyone of these I have stood under most of them. The Cobourg one has a lot of memories surrounding it for me. Thank you Daniel great shots. Hug B

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