You Can't Touch This!

Our dear Molly will be 1 year old on the 27th. of this month.  Molly joined our family just before Christmas, which has been in the grand scheme of things a blessing.  That said, I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge that I've belted out a few choice words every now and again.


While we were away on a two week holiday this past June, we missed her company.  It's funny how that happens.


She has left an indelible mark in our lives... and we are richer for it all.

Another 'Molly Hobby' -  taking us on her version of 'You Can't Touch This!'

Shown through her affection and stress testing us and a variety of objects throughout the house... and beyond.


Playful or just nestled at our feet, she enjoys being with us at all times.


We have learned a great deal from her and about ourselves. I suspect nothing will change in that regard.

I have no doubt she will continue to practice her favourite passion of following her nose.  Chasing the birds and bunnies, and barking at anything that is new or out of its customary place.


Molly is a GREAT companion and a member of our family.

Thanks for dropping by.


Beautifully stated Daniel -- dogs bring so much to our lives and ask so little in return.
oh I dropped two tears Daniel.

Beautifuly said.

Stephen Hayes said…
She looks like such a funloving warm spirited doggie.
Red said…
Yes, these little guys have a way ti take total possession of you. They train you!
Tammy said…
Molly is quite adorable!!!
Lisa Gordon said…
What a wonderful post, Daniel, and she is such a little sweetheart!
ADRIAN said…
She has become perfect.
They are great companions.
Hilary said…
She's still so adorable.. she's never lost that sweet puppy face.
Stephanie said…
She is absolutely adorable. I can see she has your heart. Beautifully illustrated in your choice of photos.
S. Etole said…
She looks like a sweet addition to your family.
Karen said…
She's beautiful!..and they are like another set of children, aren't they.

Terri Buster said…
Aww- she's a beaut and a loyal friend!
Michelle said…
Dogs are magical parts of our society!
What a sweetie. Glad you are enjoying her so much!
So very sweet. I really like this last photo.

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