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Autumn at Sandbanks Provincial Park

I believe I've provided at least 5 visual reasons to visit Sandbanks.
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Friday Photo Journal ~ Week 45
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Crunchy Munchy

One of the many pleasures of Autumn are the amazing colours.  Cooler weather goes hand-in-hand with the seasonal change as does Halloween and carving pumpkins.  Underfoot, the sound of dried leaves can be heard.  Raking and gathering the leaves into piles are fun activities for the young as is preserving autumn leaves.

For parents of young children, don't eat all their loot.  For empty nesters, ensure the goodies you purchase for the kids going door to door are the ones you like to eat.

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Eye of the Tiger

I saw this larger than life image on the side of a building.  Can anyone guess what building it possibly could be?

The orange colouring is Autumn like.
It seems I've frightened off many of the regular commenters.  It would be a challenge from all my American friends.  It is a Canadian company and if you give-up... you can click here.
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Here and There in Prince Edward County

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Bygone Era Revival

There are some folks and entrepreneurs that recognize the inherent benefits of restoring old homesteads and other heritage buildings. Some are repurposed as Inns, Pubs, Restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts and private homes.

These establishments are located at Lake on the Mountain in Prince Edward County.

The lake is a natural curiosity with a constant flow of clean, fresh water, with no apparent source60 metres above Lake Ontario with views towards the Bay of Quinte, the Glenora Ferry and the north shoreGreat picnic spot if you are exploring Prince Edward CountyDay-use park, no camping

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Curly-Sue and Peewee

Country air and grand open spaces to roam.

American Kestrel

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Weekday Mashup

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

Parade of Colours

A parade of Autumn colours is on full display throughout Prince Edward County.


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Family Ties

Happy Thanksgiving !

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Big Bird

There is something remarkable about big flying machines.  Nevermind the military utilization, the technology and high level capabilities are to be admired.

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Mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with Progressive Alzheimer's which explains a lot.Getting old and sick isn't what I refer to as quality of life.Dying with dignity is important, including the option of assisted suicide. Thanksgiving is this coming Monday for all my fellow Canadians.Hope all my American friends let their 'elected' politicians know how they feel about the shutdown.  

Cheeky Bovines

Some of these gals just don't cooperate very well during a glamour photo-shoot.

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These turtles don't seem to have evolved much and look more like a holdover from prehistoric times.

Here's to a better tomorrow!

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Tuesday Muse

You Can't Touch This!

Our dear Molly will be 1 year old on the 27th. of this month.  Molly joined our family just before Christmas, which has been in the grand scheme of things a blessing.  That said, I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge that I've belted out a few choice words every now and again.

While we were away on a two week holiday this past June, we missed her company.  It's funny how that happens.

She has left an indelible mark in our lives... and we are richer for it all.

Shown through her affection and stress testing us and a variety of objects throughout the house... and beyond.

Playful or just nestled at our feet, she enjoys being with us at all times.

We have learned a great deal from her and about ourselves. I suspect nothing will change in that regard.

I have no doubt she will continue to practice her favourite passion of following her nose.  Chasing the birds and bunnies, and barking at anything that is new or out of its customary place.

Molly is a GREAT companion and a memb…