What are they Thinking?

We're Coming, Honey!

He's a looker for sure!

I'd like to...  nom nom nom.

He's Dreamy!

I don't know what y'all fussing about... it's just another camera-man.


Roban said…
The bovines are divine! I really do love the photos. The 'looker' may be my favorite.
Lisa Gordon said…
I love them!!
Especially those big noses.
These are wonderful, Daniel!
hamilton said…
They are always interested in who is standing beyond the fence!
Stephen Hayes said…
They sure like like they have something to say. Too bad I don't speak "cow."
Red said…
Cows are a very curious animal. You caught the curiosity with your photos.
Andy said…
I think they like you. A lot.
S. Etole said…
You have captured their curiosity well.
Tammy said…
They have such expressive eyes, especially that last one. Great shots, Daniel!
Terri said…
Aww, they are just too cute! They really are a curious lot.
Hilary said…
There are not a-mooosed. But I am. Great shots. :)

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