Wide open spaces with plenty of room to breath... or scream.

  1. I've been known to be smooth talker.
  2. I'm also pretty persuasive at times.
  3. Today's colder temps felt wonderful.
  4. I'm expecting an early winter and started splitting wood.
  5. Molly (our pup) helped me today... at least she thinks she did. lol

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Stephen Hayes said…
Great pictures. That first one with the oak and barn takes my breath away.
Red said…
Now how did you get all those cows to line up for you? The tree in front of the barn is awesome.
Daniel LaFrance said…
@ Red: perhaps I have a little 'Cattle Whisperer' in me. lol
I love the barn and the tree is really impressive!
Great series, Daniel. The first one is my favorite. But where are the pictures of your pup? I am really curious to see her. Have a nice weekend. Greetings, Joke
Andy said…
That tree in the first photo is so humongous!
Anonymous said…
I bet that barn was an absolute beauty in her heyday.
Tammy said…
Oh Daniel, your captures are truly stunning! They are so different from the landscape here and a treat to see:)Thanks!
Wonderful images! That massive tree next to that worn red barn is a gorgeous scene. Well done!
Lisa Gordon said…
You sure live in a beautiful area, Daniel!

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