Heading Home

A large hive is located in this century old Maple tree.

  1. Our well water has H2S, so we're going with a Hydrogen Peroxide solution.
  2. Our pressure tank also needs to be replaced.
  3. Frustrating but I spent a fair amount of time researching and educating myself on well water systems, problems and solutions. 
  4. It's like being in school learning about Chemistry... again
  5. How many of you are using private wells as your water supply?

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TexWisGirl said…
great shot!

(this one loaded quickly for me!)
Michelle said…
I bet there is some great honey in that tree! We have natural springs on our farm, but we do use, "city water", as the locals call it, for household use.
Stephen Hayes said…
Nothing but city water here in Portland. Great pictures of those bees. I hope they're making a return after being decimated over the past few years.
Terri Buster said…
What a cool shot! We used to be on well water, but switched to rural, which comes from a nearby lake. Worries me almost as much as the well water did.
Lisa Gordon said…
This is a great shot, Daniel! Hope you weren't as close as it looks here!

Both city and well. I prefer city.
Barb said…
Hi Daniel, What a super action shot! Can't help you with well problems - they sound complicated!
Stephanie said…
Excellent shot! City water here.
Kathy McB said…
Now THAT is an amazing photo!!!!!!
Nancy said…
We have our water tested every couple of years -- not enough nitrates yet to be concerned. Yet.

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