Fashionably Country

These styles come in a variety of looks and sizes to compliment any newcomer or multiple generation farmer... of any age.










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Andy said…
The first photo is living proof that old is beautiful.
Beautiful barns, silos ~ great photography ~ carol ^_^
Nancy said…
Those silos look like they were painted by Tim Burton! Very cool.
Robyn said…
Neat set of pictures, Dan. I really like the glow and lighting in the second picture.

Fun silo finds.
Stephen Hayes said…
All of these shots are admirable but I love the one of the blue door and rusty hinge. It looks like an archeological dig of color, the deeper you scrape the more color you'll find, like old walls in Europe.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are wonderful, Daniel.
I especially like the silos.
Red said…
These certainly catch my attention. You could call this ages and stages. Some of these are very old and abandoned and others are modern and used.
So many picturesque, rural scenes here. The sunset on the wheat field is gorgeous!
Madge Bloom said…
What a great series of farm-esque shots... I'm really lovin' the colorful tops on those silos! I'm so glad you came by to share on Rurality Blog Hop #33!

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