Drawn to the Light


  1. This photo was pure luck.
  2. I heard the geese but could barely see them.
  3. I was blinded by the light.
  4. I quickly rotated the aperture and shutter dials.
  5. I was surprised... it worked.


Stephen Hayes said…
Wonderful! Few things raise my spirits more than the sight and sound of geese flying in V-formation. And the sun is a great touch.
Stephanie said…
Wow! Fabulous starburst sun shot with the birds.
Cloudia said…
Shot of the DAY!!!!! Awesome!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3
Wow that's gorgeous. Fantastic capture, Dan!
Wow!!!.. Wonderful picture. Love it.. Greetings
Perfect sunburst and bird formation. You nailed this shot!
Karen said…
Oh yes! It DID work. Terrific shot! No matter how quickly I rotate the aperture and shutter dials, it rarely works.
Nancy said…
Totally amazing -- fabulous shot, luck or not! :)
Madge Bloom said…
Amazing capture! Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on Weekly Top Shot #101!
Terri Buster said…
Awesome! I never have this kind of luck!
Lmkazmierczak said…
Yes, I'm late to the party, but yours stood out among the thumbnails and I was glad to read your randoms! Mine: http://lauriekazmierczak.com/midways/

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