Country Wheels

Simple Technology

Study this photo carefully,

Technology... ahhh NO!

Technology Deficient

Complex Technology... it even has a fridge!


Terri Buster said…
Love all these shots- the rusted out trucks and the wagons are awesome! Great find Daniel!
Red said…
I think the old ruck is still in use? the first old Oliver tractor brings back many memories. some one has restored this machine and you have taken a great photo of it.
Stephen Hayes said…
Your mastery of light and color and composition makes anything look incredible. In that first picture I feel like I'm seeing a tractor with new eyes, has if I've never seen one before.
Stephanie said…
Great colors on that tractor, great photos!
Hilary said…
Wow.. those colours just POP in that first image.
Andy said…
When you post more than one photo I usually am able to pick one photo that stands out more than the other ones. Not so today... they are all excellent.
I tried to study that second shot - is that a skull on the hood? The Simple Technology shot is my fave for the angle and saturated colors. Nice set!

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