What's in a Name


Do you ever wonder how they come up road names.  Do they sit around a big table and discuss at length what road, avenue, street and lane name they can drum up?  I wonder how they settled on the above name.

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Stephen Hayes said…
Before coming up with this name they must have interviewed the residents.
Hilary said…
Love it. Near where we almost bought a place last year, was a road called "Wit's End."
hamilton said…
I think around that table were a few drinks.
Cloudia said…
Mostly Hawaiian names here!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
Cloudia said…
and I would LOVE to live on nutty lane:)
Red said…
Nutty Lane is certainly one of those streets I would have to stop and see. Nutty Lane is a very eye catching and humorous name. Yes, you'd wonder how things are named. I know how it happens here and it's not loosey goosey.
Nancy said…
We have alot of interesting lane signs around here - I think you can name your own lane for a fee. :)
Lisa Gordon said…
I love it!!
I have always wondered the same about the names. :-)

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