Seeing it...

I look for inspiration from practically anything or anyone.  Beauty surrounds us, we just need to see it.  



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Andy said…
Paying attention to your surroundings can be surprising when you spot something you never noticed before. I agree beauty is all around us.
Hilary said…
You see it better than most. For me, my camera has helped open my eyes. Gotta love that.
Michelle said…
You are so right, beauty is everywhere!
Red said…
Beauty may be all around us but it takes a special eye to recognize it and then more skill to capture it. Awesome shots!
The more we look the more we see.
The more we listen to more we hear.
Lisa Gordon said…
This is so true, and these wonderful images prove that, Daniel.
Stephen Hayes said…
It's hard to believe that the same awareness that designed the tree also designed grass and all of the other incredible things surrounding us. Makes me feel humble.
Yes there is beauty all around us. I love the beauty of those cattails!

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