Rural Mailboxes

They line-up alone and in clusters on the sides of rural routes all over.  They are weathered and battered by time, snowplows and unfortunately vandals too.  Some are colourful, even unique while others appear new, perhaps a replacement or simply a new owner wanting a fresh start with something that reflects their style.



























“Neither rain nor snow, nor sleet nor dark of night shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Peace !

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Stephanie said…
Wow, quite the assortment of mailboxes. Great theme for your blog post today.
Ercotravels said…
Interesting photographs of the mailboxes! nice post, Indeed..
ADRIAN said…
These are excellent, thanks for all your effort. It was well worth it.
Andy said…
Man O' Man! That's the best collection of mailboxes I have ever seen.
TexWisGirl said…
you've been collecting these for a while. and quite a variety! i've seen one use an old plow for a base, here. most times people try not to put a lot of money in them as they get battered by teenagers looking for 'fun' on a friday night. :)
Rural mailboxes can be so interesting ... so many shapes, colours, styles and personalities.
Kaya said…
You found all these mail boxes and they are amazing.

Your collection is priceless!!!
Buttons said…
That's why I love the country:) Love the top one the best I think. B
Red said…
What an interesting assortment. there's lots of creativity in these. We have very few mail rtes in the west.
S. Etole said…
Great assortment. We used to have them here but the county decided all should be alike which would make it easier for the snow plows in the winter, so they install a curved pipe a certain distance from the road and the mailboxes are pretty ordinary.
Lisa Gordon said…
What a great series, Daniel!
I absolutely LOVE the first one.
Stephen Hayes said…
So much character in these mail boxes, and I might never have thought about it but for this great series of photographs. I particularly like the way the cask in wedded to the wood in that first one. Nicely done.
What an amazing array of mailboxes! How did you manage to take them all? Is that on one shoot or many? Some of them were so rusted I wonder how they are still in operation.
Betty Luckhurst said…
What a variety! I love the ladder!
Terri said…
Wow- that's an eclectic group of mailboxes.
geanina said…
Great work!
Beautiful series!:)
Great photos! I like the variety of mailboxes you found.
Wonderful series of 'mailbox' photos ~ very creative, colorful and great shots! thanks, carol, xo
I love that people can be so individual with these. Here, it's a letter box in your door or some ornate box on a wall. I'd love to have the lighthouse one - maybe I can start a trend around my way!
Kathy McB said…
They are like unique pieces of artwork!
Robyn said…
The red "Derby" mailbox is my favorite.

Fun post with several creative finds.
Hilary said…
So many fun ones in here. I love the weathered and worn but some of the creative ones catch my fancy too.
Pat said…
What a great collection!
Liz said…
What a wonderful collection of mailboxes you have here, Daniel!

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