European Adventure Part VIII - Santorini

Our next port of call is Santorini, Greece.   As the cruise ship nears the volcanic island you notice the high cliffs and the white buildings that dot the higher elevations.  This was the only port where a tender (water taxi) was needed to get ashore.



Looking back at our home away from home
As I've mentioned in previous posts, we arranged our own tours and we elected to take the cable-car and forego the traditional mule ride to the top, and for the adventurous... you can hike up using the same winding path and 580 steps as the mules.

Retaining Walls

Layer of  visible Volcanic Rock
As we ascended, you can't help but notice the steep rise and the breathtaking views.  I think the photos speak for themselves.





Most of the properties seen are surrounded by cement walls and accessible through a gate.



The end to another perfect day.

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Have a grand day!


Stephen Hayes said…
I've heard that Santorini was beautiful and your photographs confirm this. You're making me reconsider a Mediterranean cruise.
Andy said…
Amazing shots Daniel. You made me feel as though I was there with you.
Chel C said…
Stunning photos Daniel! I'm off to show my hubby now as he used to live in Greece and I am sure he would love to see these.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are wonderful photographs, Daniel. The sky and water are so beautifully blue in each one.
Stephanie said…
Stunning photos. The blue in the water and sky is exquisite.
Red said…
That is some hummer of a ship! It's great that you get off the ship long enough to do something worth while.

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