European Adventure Part IX - Mykonos

After visiting beautiful Santorini, our next port of call was Mykonos.  For all the movie devotees in blogland, do you happen to know what movie was shot here?  It is one of Linda's all time favourite movies and visiting this particular location was high on her bucket list.

So we opted to find this idyllic spot by renting an ATV.  So off we went looking for a petrol station to top up the tank and then set out and race wildly around the island.  I'm exaggerating on the racing part... our ATV had the oomph of a sewing machine.  During the whole trip we had beautiful sunny skies, yet once on the ATV a few rain clouds found us and sprinkled a bit.  I can't complain really, it was quite refreshing.


The supreme navigator sat directly behind me and sure enough we found the hotel where the movie was shot.  Has anyone figured out what movie was shot here?  Okay, here's a hint:

1989 British/American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Lewis Gilbert. The screenplay by Willy Russell is based on his 1986 one-character play of the same title.

Naturally we spent a fair bit of time on location, the locals were friendly and very accommodating. We enjoyed some food and drink and took a bunch of photos.  Strolled here and there and soaked it all in.  A beautiful place to escape to... if your so inclined.  Simple, unpretentious, beautiful water and quiet.


Sky is clearing up

Sun is back

Striking a big one off the bucket list... priceless!





We hope your day was a good one.

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Red said…
The housing is certainly different from what we're used to. White with blue trim? I get the white.
Stephen Hayes said…
I've never visited the Greek isles, except Corfu, and it looks just wonderful.
Stephanie said…
Gorgeous place with the blues and whites so clean looking.
TexWisGirl said…
haven't heard of that movie. looks like a beautiful place, though.
Bob Bushell said…
Lovely part of Greece, ah, I had that one to visit.
Love you whole tour. I so want to go now. Thank you for sharing your amazing trip.
Michelle said…
So beautiful. You are making me want to go!
Stewart M said…
Never made to Greece - I suppose I should!

Nice pictures.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Lisa Gordon said…
This sounds like it was so much fun, Daniel!
Glad you were able to find the hotel!
You know how to travel! I liked the movie Shirley Valentine! The closest I've ever gotten to Greece. You make me want to go even more.
Gary said…
The blues are so different to ours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
EG CameraGirl said…
I must say I'm a tad jealous of your wonderful adventure. :))
Molly said…
I LOVE Greece, it is my favourite European country by far

Nancy said…
*sigh* The blue water is amazing.
Hilary said…
Oh my.. those blue, blue waters. I can see why everyone falls in love with Greece.

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