Colour Me Red

As most of you already know, barns come in all sorts of colours. There are of course the traditional colours we're accustomed to seeing,  Red, green, rust and a plethora of variations too.

I hope you enjoy this selection of barns.








TexWisGirl said…
i like the one with the red and white topped silo. sweet!
Stephen Hayes said…
These barns are wonderful, but I recall a green one you once posted that was exceptional.
Stephanie said…
I enjoyed viewing these barns immensely.
Terri said…
Nice old barns that look fairly well tended to. The red paint sure is coming off the last one.
Tammy said…
What a great variety; the first one s my fav! Your photos are beautiful with such pretty skies!
I like the first one best, but I do like that silo with the red and white cap!
Red said…
That's a good variety. it looks like all of them are unused.
Beautiful picks.. So interesting!!!.. Thanks for sharing.. Cheers!!!..
Love the barn shots, especially the 2nd one. and beautiful sky, too.
Barns are always fascinating to observe and photgraph ... makes you wonder what went on inside the old ones and what treasure might still be there.
Michelle said…
Daniel, you are photos are so superb. The point of view is excellent, as is the clarity. The first shot is my favorite as I like the different color of the barn.
These are wonderful. I love the barns with the red in them...i suppose I'm somewhat of a traditionalist.
Lisa Gordon said…
What wonderful finds these are, Daniel.
So nicely seen and photographed.
Gary Phillips said…
I hate to see barns in poor repair. It seems to say something about stewartship of resources. Great post. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Liz said…
A great group of barns! I do love the one with the red and white topped silo!

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