Birds on a Wire


Cedar Waxwing(s)  |  Click for Sound



Eastern Kingbird(s)  |  Click for Sound


Barn Swallow(s)  |  Click for Sound

Be good to yourself.

  1. At this stage in my life, I often find myself saddened by the ugly in the world.
  2. I'm not naive, humankind is often far from being kind.
  3. I love hearing about good news stories.
  4. Showing someone you care/love them is important.
  5. I advocate that women learn personal self-defense.

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Stephen Hayes said…
Love the black stripe going across the eyes of the Cedar Waxwing. Who designs these great looking birds---as if I didn't know?
Lisa Gordon said…
They really are beautiful, Daniel!
Michelle said…
That Cedar Waxwing is so smooth and elegant!
Terri said…
Nice shots. That Barn Swallow is giving you the stink eye.
hamilton said…
That Eastern Kingbird looks like he could be directing traffic.
Hilary said…
A couple of my favourites here. I love kingbirds.
Red said…
You had all of these pose for you. I always like the waxwings.
Stephanie said…
Appreciate the sound bits from each bird. Great shots!
Nancy said…
Love the birds but was intrigued by your randoms. Birthdays can cause some deep reflection, no? :)
Lovely waxwing and photos.. Cheers..
Liz said…
Beautiful images, Daniel!
Gary Phillips said…
Great captures!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
geanina said…
Beautiful images, Daniel!:)

Ciao, Geanina

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