Alllll clear!

Time for grace.


nom nom nom
nom nom nom

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hamilton said…
The one with his eyes closed is precious!
These guys always move too fast for my camera. Either that or I am too busy enjoying their antics to get a good shot.
Red said…
This is a very healthy looking little critter. Chipmunks seem to have disappeared here.
Tammy said…
Aww, what a sweet and grateful little fellow! Great captures with such fitting dialogue!
Stephen Hayes said…
Such a cute little guy, and he does look like he's saying grace.
Kaya said…
Chipmunk... I didn't know the name of this adorable animal. I had to ask my husband. I think also that he is asking for grace.

Remarkable pictures!!!!
Lisa Gordon said…
They are adorable, Daniel, and they sure look well-fed!
Stephanie said…
He is actually very sweet! Love the images of him.
Ida said…
Oh my goodness what a little cutie pie! So sweet.
Nancy said…
Being a monk, he would know to say grace before his meal. ;)

Super cute Daniel, and thanks so much for sharing this week at TM.
Betsy said…
gosh they are so cute.

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