Golden Delight



Have yourself a peaceful day.


Hot and humid here too in Canada.

I enjoyed your pictures very peaceful!
ADRIAN said…
Beautiful...and peaceful.
Stephen Hayes said…
Wonderful golden sunsets. Reminds me of one of my favorite painters" Turner.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are pure magic, Daniel.
Such beautiful images.
Tammy said…
What a peaceful & scene view! Beautiful images, Daniel!
Val said…
Hi Daniel,
Beautiful photos as usual. Thanks for the note the other day.
YEs, lots of changes in m life. New home, new computer, different time zone. trying to catch up with blogging and learning the new computer sees to be a rather large challenge for me right now. However, I think I'm finally nipping it in the behind.
Hope you are well. Hows the pup??
Terri said…
Gorgeous sunset- very peaceful.
Chel C said…
An award winner! Just beautiful.

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