Wind Riders

Seems that way when you see them all riding the air currents.




Have a wonderful tomorrow!


He's a pretty one! Nice flight shots.
Rosemary said…
Great name for them, they sound like Super Heroes.
Stephen Hayes said…
You've really captured the magic of flight.
Buttons said…
Nice shots Daniel.You on the boat:)? B
Terri said…
Fantastic flight shots Daniel.
Michelle said…
Such expression on this bird's face.
Karen Frost said…
Such amazing shots! Wish I could fly! xo
Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel, these are gorgeous!
I especially love the second one here.
Beautiful focus!
Hilary said…
I love watching gulls. That second shot is especially appealing to me.
ZielonaMila said…
Wonderful photo:) Greetings

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