The Hairys

Hairy Woodpecker (female)  |  Sounds

Hairy Woodpecker  (male)


super lovely shots-)))
Here something for friends-)

wish you a nice weekend
Wonderful, crisp shots! Nice that you were able to capture the male and the female. Have a great weekend!
Nice shots. Love the red mark to distinguish the male.
TexWisGirl said…
really cute. they like your feeder.
Terri said…
Very nice- is this feeder squirrel proof?! :)
Red said…
Your photography is so detailed that I can see both these birds have dirty faces. My guess is that you have peanuts in the feeder?
Karen Frost said…
Beautiful shots - love seeing all the details of these lovely birds. I would love to find a feather! xo
Michelle said…
I always love seeing that dash of red on the male's head!
Wow, Daniel, excellent shots! A male ánd a female. Really well done. Greetings, Joke
Hilary said…
Beautiful little guy. I love these.

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