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Definitely a unique raptor with special skills.


Wonderful pictures.. Fantastic bird.. Cheers!!!..
Andy said…
Marvellous photos Daniel. When I see them soaring overhead they look so graceful and beautiful. I'm afraid I can't say the same thing when I see them up close.
Business Cents said…
Nice shots Daniel! One of the things that I love about these birds is the fact that their unique flight pattern makes them clearly identifiable at the extreme limit of your vision. Additionally, their kettling makes a marvelous aerial display.
Red said…
The raptor is a fine specimen , but I have my worries about the power pole. How could anything be so rotten and still stand there! Maybe that's why the turkey vulture was clean up the dead power pole!
Buttons said…
Oh these are fabulous shots Daniel. B
Lisa Gordon said…
Such a tiny head with such a big body.
Don't think I've ever seen one of these, and surely not this close.

Great images, Daniel!
These are wonderful shots! I photographed several together perched in a tree in Oregon, but they didn't come out.
Another great series. What an extraordinary bird. I have never seen him on other pictures before. Is it a native bird where you live? Gorgeous pictures, Daniel. Greetings from the Netherlands, Joke
Kaya said…
Wow! This is a vulture!!! And you saw this amazing bird so close.

These photographs are so unique and so breathtaking!!!!
Michelle said…
Such a beautiful face! Maybe one that only a mother vulture could love :)
Karen Frost said…
Beautiful detailed photos - I love the one in flight. We have them here, too - but I rarely see them up close. Great shots.
Hilary said…
Not a pretty bird.. unless they're way up there soaring. Great photos.
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