Miss Molly @ 7 Months

Miss Molly for those of you who are new to my Blog is our puppy dog (Cock-a-poo).  She's now 7 months old and was recently spayed.  So we thought it was time for a summer cut as springtime winds down and summer is almost upon us.

Some before shots of Molly with her winter coat still on.


... and a few after her snip and clip.


Our Sweety

Hug someone today.


ADRIAN said…
She's become a beautiful little dog.
Lia Storm said…
Oh what a beautiful baby !!
She's gotten so big! What a difference from the last set. A pretty girl and she seems so sweet and playful.
Kaya said…
She is awesome, this Miss Molly!!! My dog Tasha says hello to her;))))
Buttons said…
Oh my how you have grown to be quite the beauty Miss Molly. B
Michelle said…
So gorgeous! I love that black coat!
Red said…
I hope you have years of great company.
Stephanie said…
She is a beauty! I am sure you enjoying every moment with her.
Hilary said…
Just more puppy face to see. She's adorable.

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