Laying Tracks

I've been noticing an increase in traffic in my hood.  They've been leaving their markings on the ground all over.   Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it at all.   I'm a sensitive sort, I'm partial to the peace and quiet in my hood.


I enjoy seeing things that are familiar, and certainly new things and new life... day or night.




I suppose they enjoy the peace and quiet too.


Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel, they are just beautiful.
My very favorite wild animal.
Silly me, I thought you meant traffic on your blog! This is the kind I'd like to see in my hood as well. Nice!
Stephanie said…
Love them! We have deer visiting on a daily basis.
Terri said…
New neighbors...just checkin' your hood out Daniel! :)
Red said…
sometime these critters get pretty bold.
Karen Frost said…
Love those big eyes and ears! My kind of neighbors! xo
Hilary said…
Gorgeous. I hope to have some of these lovelies visit me, one day.

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