European Adventure Part III

Leaving Messina, the next 24-hours will be a day at sea.  Time to explore and familiarize ourselves with the ship (Celebrity Reflection), then relax and enjoy the ship's amenities.

Note the full-size motorcoach next to the ship.


Our cabin was on deck 9, port side, and midship.  Outside each elevator is a ship map, something I found quite helpful in finding my way around the ship.


The Messina Strait is only 2 miles at its widest point.


As we make our way to our next port of call, we enjoy the seascapes and more.


We also enjoyed time by the pools and hot tubs.   There were 3 pools in total; one indoors and 2 outdoors.


We honestly didn't know what to expect on our very first cruise.  It never felt crowded,  there was always space to be found indoors or out.  If you wanted to be kept busy, there was always something to do.

People watching or touring the ship's galley, to spending time/money in the casino, spa treatments,  sampling food and drink at anyone of the several restaurants and lounges, taking part in organized activities, spending time in the games room, attend a show in the theatre or enjoy a good book.  


Ciao for now!

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Lisa Gordon said…
Okay, this is the part where my stomach gets queasy.
What amazing views you had!
Stephanie said…
The views gorgeous especially the clouds.
Chel C said…
I'm so glad you showed the coach next to the ship, it shows the sheer scale of this ship. It all looks so luxurious. You lucky thing! Chel x
Buttons said…
WOW Daniel it is like a large city isn't it? I am not sure I could do that but would love to see these sites. Incredible blue sky meeting blue water. Great shots.B
Stephen Hayes said…
I've been on three cruises but your ship is as fine a vessel as I've seen. A real beauty.
Red said…
The hot tubs look great !
Michelle said…
Wow! A large, floating city! We have been contemplating a cruise, but just haven't gone yet. I like seeing these shots!
Hilary said…
The fourth image is stunning and the cruise ship looks like quite an amazing place. No doubt you had perpetual smiles on your faces.
Terri said…
Wow- you have had a marvelous dventure- such beautiful sights to see!

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